Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Return After An Interlude

It has been a long time since i came here.... I wonder if there are still people out there following my blog for updates....

Anyway, time to update a little... Was at KLIA for visit of MAS maintenance hangar.... Awesome visit, unfortunately, officially pics are not allowed. *wink*

And today I was at the Das Auto Show 2012 at KL Convention Centre....

Theme is "The Icon Is Back"...

It marks the launching of the all new VW Beetle...

More of it to come soon.....

This is kinda the preview for it... :-)

Will organize everything and update... Took over 170 pictures there....

Till then... :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Okie... Out of the tiger's mouth now..

Just left the shark.. 2 more years to get out of that mouth....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Every Friday morning on the LRT when i am wearing casual T-Shirt and jeans to office while many others have to wear formal + tie etc....


Sunday, January 08, 2012

1st of 2012

It has been a long long time since I last posted... And yes, I am still alive and well. Don't worry.

Much has happened since the last time I posted, which was the last time I left university.. Throughout the approximately 3 half months, I have indeed done a lot, from travelling REALLY extensively to meeting friends to changes in family assets (LOL) to having appreciated life for what it provides each new day. Oh and did i not mention, one of the highlights was seeing the 9 angels face to face, something which i have been dreaming of for the entire past 2 years.

Lol happy.. :-)

Now, as the New Year of 2012 starts, I wanna wish everyone a real Happy New Year, and also to all my fellow Chinese readers, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, I wish all of you GONG XI FA CHAI!!! Year year got fish, dragon horse sperm god, and all the blessing wishes that each and everyone of you may have a blessed and joyful year ahead.

I will post more on my happenings when i do actually have the time. Sorry for the delay..

Till then, may everyone (I included) have a wonderful year of 2012 and encounter God throughout your entire year's journey of life. For me, the Lord has been present in my life and many times i encountered his blessings and divine protection upon me and my family. Looking forward to a continuously happy and successful year ahead.

Oh also a shoutout to all my friends, whether or not from my university. Take care and all the best for your jobs, careers, studies and all other undertakings (especially those of you currently residing or extensively travelling overseas). Please do keep in touch even though the distances is great. Whether you are in Japan ke, US ke, UK ke, EU ke, S. Korea ke, or travelling btw many countries etc etc... (Tau tau la.. :-) ) Got internet one.. So no excuse to lose contact. Lol..

K fellas, take care.


Philip Chan.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Finale Of Uni Life

The title pretty much explains the post. As i have again completed another phase in life, university education, i do look forward to what life will bring me next. However, there is definitely a certain reminiscence on all that i been through in the place people call the 'jungle' or the 'desert-in-the-middle-of-nowhere' throughout the past 5 years of study..

Browsing thru on the university's whereabouts, there is a sense of nostalgia and that i will definitely miss this place, although throughout studying here i have been wishing to get the hell out of the university for good.
But when it really is happening, there is a sense that i miss it and wanna go back to the uni days, starting from the days we attended classes like good kids, only to realise that the room is a better place 2 be than the lecture halls, the times when the whole 20+ of us walk to the mamak restaurant outside @ nite, to the times when everyone has a car and travelling to Ipoh is like super normal...

Anyway, here are the places that hold significance throughout my studies here..

1. My room..
It's a nice place actually, just that i took this pic after clearing everything. I initially have an extra mattress, 2 pillows, bolster, blanket, 3 beautiful posters on the wall and my study table is filled with stuff.. With curtains closed, it's very nice for sleeping.. 
This is my block btw.. 

2. Village 5 cafe.. 

 Now i do admit i RARELY go to this place coz i usually eat outside (ahh the benefits of having a car..:-) ), but this cafe has a nice ambiance and is usually during meetings i come here..

 3. The pathway i take everytime i attend classes..

4. Block 17 of the academic complex.. 
 This is where i went for classes (some of them), tutorials, labs, and most importantly, mainly where i spent my time for my FYP... (Whewww.. Finally..)

5. The Chancellor Complex...
They say it's famous... Anyway, this is the building that houses the Chancellor Hall (which i will be receiving my scroll at) and the Information Resource Centre (it's just a fancy name for a library)..

6. The UTP Mosque..
This is one of the nicest mosque i have ever seen honestly, and as what i heard, the cost of building it is very high, since there are a lot of imported stuff.. Have never been inside it before though... Sigh..

7. UTP entrance...
 The security post is very nicely constructed and i would say one of the best compared to the other unis i went before...

And this is the big overhead bridge that indicates that one has arrived at UTP...

Although i have been frustrated at the university many times, this place still holds a lot of memories and i do hope that i will be able to return again with my friends to revisit these places.. 

Till then, all the best to all my batchmates who graduate together with me, or have graduated earlier.. Hope to have a gathering sometime and catch up... Take care, wherever you all are, and keep in touch..

Philip Chan.. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Singapore Sept 2011

Had a short trip to Singapore.. A fun trip it was... And kinda random...

Due to time constraints, i had only approximately 3 hours to tour Singapore.. Therefore, me and Dong decided to head to the newest place in Singapore, the only tourist attraction i had not been yet...


And since the F1 race is approaching, it would be nice to also see the 'track' firsthand..

Anyway, initially i started on my own at Jurong Point, which is the shopping mall at the Boon Lay MRT and bus interchange. I spent about 2 hrs there which means i practically walked through the entire mall.

The shopping mall..

And i had Macdonalds for lunch.. Don't ask me why, its a long story.. I could not believe i went all the way there to have Mcd as well.. Anyway, it is well priced until when one starts to convert the currency back to Malaysian Ringgit..

Lol printed in Malaysia.. Haha...

Also, when i tried to find albums of SNSD, i realise they are all either printed in China/Taiwan, or in Malaysia.. Kinda disappointed as i really hoped to get a number of the albums if they are imported straight from Korea and Japan..

After that, in the afternoon I met up with Dong. He is basically the best friend anyone could get. He waited for me to go walk around City Hall area.. While he waited, he did a lot of research and basically was my tour guide throughout the afternoon...

We stopped at City Hall MRT station and went walking around the Esplanade.

 The durian building.. Lol..

Beautiful views of Marina Bay Sands can be seen from the rooftop of Esplanade, as well as the Fullerton Hotel as well as the Merlion.. Other towering buildings penetrating the Singapore skyline can be seen clearly from here. However, i do admit that the surprisingly bad haze did disrupt the view a little.

At the Esplanade, there was a symphony orchestra concert going on but unfortunately we did not have the time.. Next time perhaps..

As we walk towards the Marina Bay Sands, it started to drizzle a little but was still okay..

Marina Bay Sands, in my opinion is the epitome of Singapore's wealth. It's like the 'Dubai' one often sees in pictures, where the buildings are elaborately designed with huge spaces and famous brands to bring luxury to those who can afford it, and to mildly tease those who cant..

 The bridge going towards the Bay Sands..

 LV on water...

The interior of The Shoppe @ Marina Bay Sands.. Similar to KL's the Mines shopping mall..

Look like an airport or train station..

Double storey Chanel store...

Tiffany and Co.. Best jeweler ever in my opinion.. Buying something from here for my future gf?? Hmm..  :-) 

 Their very own Ferrari store..

Jimmy Choo......

Then we went to the 3 towers..

Live CO performances..


Some parts of the road have already been prepped up to host the upcoming Singapore F1 Grand Prix..

Lighting is super bright especially when in the night. Too bad i did not take pictures then..

Supercars are a common sight in Singapore as well.. In the span of a day i saw Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche (such as the Cayman below), Audis, Mercs, BMWs and many more.. It's like the home of supercars..

And their premium taxis are using Chrysler 300s...

Anyway, after all the walking, i had a simple dinner at Orchard Road's ION mall, at a place called the Food Opera..

 Bak Kut Teh!!!

 And 'Or Jian'....

And ended with ice creams at Wendy's...

Anyway, it was a short but fun trip.. Thanks a million to Dong for all the planning and patience with me.. Lol...

Will update more again... Since i'm quite free now after all my exams..